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At the Redding JuJitsu Academy (RJA) the Hawaiian concept of Ohana, or family, and Kokua, friendship, are critical components of our philosophy, our teachings . . . and our spirit.


Although we teach a traditional Japanese style of JuJitsu, Dan Zan Ryu, we do so in a relaxed, friendly environment that encourages students to enhance their strengths and bolster their weaknesses. Through the various traditions and techniques the students learn they develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-respect. We stress the 4S’s (Sportsmanship, Safety, Science, Service), 3C’s (Consideration, Courtesy, Confidence), and 3H’s (Honesty, Honor, Humbleness) as a path for an individual's personal growth and development.


Our grading practices for rank advancement are straight forward—they’re tough. In addition to character development the student must also pass technical proficiency exams to advance in rank. These graded tests have physical, written, and verbal components. We make our tests demanding for a reason—we don’t give you rank, you earn it. Eventually, should you be the 1 student in 1000 that perseveres to test for Shodan (first degree black belt) you will do so in front of a board of professors of the AJJF.


As instructors in this art we will give you, the student, every tool, hint, and trick available to learn and master these techniques and concepts. Ultimately however you are the only one who can take the steps necessary to travel down this path, we can only point the way.


We encourage you to ask questions, visit as often as you like, and listen to your heart (or gut) when choosing a dojo (school). There are many exceptional styles of martial arts and some very good instructors out there. We are fortunate to have both. I look forward to having you join our family.


Yours in kokua,


Professor Sheryl Hager

RJA School Head

We opened in Redding in 1961


The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF) was founded in 1948 by Bud Estes, Richard Rickerts, John Cahill and Ray Law, after training under Prof. Okazaki in Hawaii.


In 1961 Mike Bryne, Bob Wingfield, Jane Dean (Prof. Carr), and James Dean founded the Redding Judo Academy (later renamed the Redding JuJitsu Academy, Inc.).

Professor Jane Carr


Originally Prof. Carr began JuJitsu under the tutelage of Mike Byrne to get in shape after having two children. What started out as a way to get some exercise has developed into a lifetime passion. Under Professor’s watchful eye and steady hand the RJA has been a Redding institution for more than 50 years. Over the years, Professor Carr has trained over 20 black belts, from Shodan through Yodan, and hundreds of students. Like Professor Okazaki, Professor Carr took the knowledge of massage she learned from DZR and opened her own very successful massage practice.


Professor Sheryl Hager, RJA School Head


Sheryl Hager,  Prof. Carr’s daughter and RJA highest ranking student, has inherited the title of RJA School Head. Prof. Sheryl grew up at the RJA and received her Shodan at age 17.


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