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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is JuJitsu?

    ju means gentle jitsu means art or way


    “Using minimum effort to gain maximum efficiency.”


    JuJitsu is a Japanese martial art perfected during Japan’s feudal days.  A way that uses the opponent’s strength against themselves in unarmed and armed combat.


    Prof. Henry S. Okazaki further refined JuJitsu into a Dan Zan Ryu JuJitsu (DZR).  A system where the esoteric principles guide its moral and spiritual techniques.

  • Aren’t all martial arts the same?

    All martial arts share a common thread of self protection. Here at the Redding JuJitsu Academy we also focus on personal growth and service to others. We find that martial arts training is helpful in growing healthy bodies and caring citizens of our community.

  • How is JuJitsu different from karate?

    Karate techniques focus on hitting and kicking, more akin to boxing. JuJitsu employs techniques more common to wrestling.  In fact, the first American wrestlers traveled to Hawaii to learn throws, locks, pins, etc. from Professor Okazaki.  These are still the arts you see collegiate and Olympic wrestlers use today.

  • Won’t JuJitsu teach my child to hit more?

    One mom summed it up nicely, “One of the things I like about this school is that it didn’t teach hitting, it taught how not to be hit.” At the RJA our black belts teach children to be responsible for their actions.  We emphasize that every action has a reaction.  We concentrate on assertiveness rather than aggressiveness.  We know that self control is a learned attribute.

  • Do you teach people how to fight?

    We teach people how to defend themselves.

  • My child has lots of energy. Will this be good for her?

    Yes. Channeling their energy productively is our goal.

  • Can JuJitsu help my child learn discipline?

    Most definitely, and in a healthy way. At the RJA, our black belts teach discipline by example. A disciplined mind is the key to self control.

  • Do you take students with learning problems?

    Yes.  We all learn differently. Some find it harder to learn new things than others do.  We search for each student’s path to learning.

  • Do you teach people how to defend themselves?

    Yes, as is appropriate for each age group.

  • My child’s teacher says he has ADD and doesn’t focus on anything. Will this help him?

    Yes, with patience and kindness, we can help him learn to focus. The physically active aspect of JuJitsu learning tends to help children with focus and retention.

  • Does JuJitsu help with coordination?

    Yes, students have to learn how to control their own bodies before they can learn to control someone else’s.  JuJitsu is an active sport which teaches correct body mechanics, coordination, and self confidence.

  • How will JuJitsu help my shy child?

    When the child enters a class, another young student becomes their buddy to help them learn the ropes.  They become comfortable and begin to integrate at their own rate.  They are never forced. Students helping students is integral to how JuJitsu is taught at the RJA. Over the years we have seen many initially shy students blossom as they grow to help others in our safe learning environment.

  • Do I need to be really physically fit to do JuJitsu?

    No.  We warm up with stretching and coordination exercises, and each person begins their training with the less physical arts.  The arts grow in difficulty, as you grow.

  • When is the best time to start learning JuJitsu?

    Whenever the desire to learn is there. We offer classes for pee-wees, children, teens, and adults.

  • How old is too old to learn JuJitsu?

    As long as body and mind are willing, you are not too old.  Techniques are adjusted to the student’s capabilities.  We have students who are in their 70s, and one I remember who was in her 80s.

  • Can women do JuJitsu?

    Certainly.  Our two Professors at the RJA are women and have over 90 years of experience on the mat between them.  We also teach specialty classes for women.

  • Can families workout together?

    Yes.  There are group classes for different ranks and ages, and families are encouraged to integrate with other age groups to be together.  We are a family orientated dojo.

  • How much does it cost to learn JuJitsu?

    We are a non-profit dojo, so the costs are nominal. We only charge enough to keep the dojo operating.  We have family rates available. We pride ourselves in not having hidden add-on costs, such as testing fees, which are common at many other dojos. See our fee chart.

  • How long does it take to get a black belt?

    Naturally, it depends upon the individual student and their commitment.  It takes the average adult about five years of dedicated learning.

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